What We Do


Clinical Focus

Green Trials focuses on testing the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana strains in four main clinical areas:

  1. Chronic Pain
  2. Headaches and Migraine
  3. Anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  4. Sleep disorders

Green Trials uses internationally approved testing standards

  • All studies are monitored by independent ethics boards and regulatory authorities
  • All information conforms to the highest privacy standards
  • Green Trials has leading data management techniques with all clinical data being published – there is no “cherry-picking” showing only positive data


GTE Score

Being able to compare strains of medical marijuana requires a standard measure. This is the Green Trials Efficacy score (GTE score)

From each medical marijuana strain a single GTE score is produced, which summarizes both the clinical efficacy (i.e. how well it works) as well as how many side-effects occur and their severity.

  • The range of possible GTE scores is from 0-100.
  • The score reflects 7 different factors (link to GTE calculation tab).
  • Higher scores are better, with the highest scores representing the greatest clinical impact with a lower risk of side-effects.

The GTE score uses the benefits of Standardization (link to appropriate tab) across clinical studies with medical marijuana. It allows results from one group of subjects to be directly compared to others, allowing greater clarity



GTE Calculation

Overall GTE Score for each specific medical marijuana strain is calculated from 7 different elements.

There are 4 different Clinical Benefit sub-scores which examine clinical improvement. They are added together to form an interim score. From this interim score, the total side-effect score is subtracted to give a final GTE score.

Clinical Benefit sub-scores

These measure improvement over 4 weeks as determined by percentage change from baseline for an individual in four different areas:

  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep

Each sub-score is recorded and added together to form an interim score.

Side-effect score

From this interim score is subtracted side-effect scores. These are for 3 separate components, each adjusted to contribute to the final GTE score.

  • The first side-effect component is the number of side-effects
  • The second side-effect component is the severity of side-effects
  • The third side-effect component is impact on cognitive functioning and driving ability

Additional reporting

To allow a more detailed comparison between medical marijuana strains, each sub-score is also reported separately on a scale of 0-100

For each marijuana strain the commonest and most severe side-effects are detailed to allow comparisons.


Currently there are no standards to compare different strains of medical marijuana.

This makes it hard for both consumers, and for medical professionals, to identify which strain may be best for a particular individual.

The Green Trials approach is different.

  • All subjects complete the same standard scales and have scores recorded in the same manner.
  • All subjects also have the same rigorous assessment, including physical examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), and cognitive testing which also assesses impact on ability to drive using well tested technology.
  • All side-effects are captured and reported in a standardized manner
  • Any changes in symptoms are recorded weekly for at least 4 weeks, and sometimes much longer

This standardization approach allows comparisons between strains.