GTE Calculation

Overall GTE Score for each specific medical marijuana strain is calculated from 7 different elements.

There are 4 different Clinical Benefit sub-scores which examine clinical improvement. They are added together to form an interim score. From this interim score, the total side-effect score is subtracted to give a final GTE score.

Clinical Benefit sub-scores

These measure improvement over 4 weeks as determined by percentage change from baseline for an individual in four different areas:

  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep

Each sub-score is recorded and added together to form an interim score

Side-effect score

From this interim score is subtracted side-effect scores. These are for 3 separate components, each adjusted to contribute to the final GTE score.

  • The first side-effect component is the number of side-effects
  • The second side-effect component is the severity of side-effects
  • The third side-effect component is impact on cognitive functioning and driving ability

Additional reporting

To allow a more detailed comparison between medical marijuana strains, each sub-score is also reported separately on a scale of 0-100

For each marijuana strain the commonest and most severe side-effects are detailed to allow comparisons.